A soft afternoon sunlight filters through the windows caressing the pastel fabrics of the comfortable sofas and chairs. Fresh coffee, tea and exotic fruit juices sit on a sideboard. Freshly baked criss-cross peanut butter cookies cool on a wire grill. The hottub bubbles in anticipation.And the steaks (omg) ..you will not find better beefsteak *anywhere* on the Internet

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Welcome all Biancanauts. A sex free room for the happy and loving folks from Bianca's PTL. Newcomers are welcome too.
Tue Apr 01 16:02:04 *
visitor said:
Oh what an absolutely beautiful day!!

Sat Mar 22 19:22:08 *
visitor said:
"looks in pockets, car, house, safe deposit box for password...Thinking, Underdog had a password?"

Sat Mar 22 19:19:07 *
visitor said:
Underdog wanders in after sooooo many years...

Tue Mar 18 18:41:51 *
visitor said:
Shadow...it was good times wasn't it? It's a shame all the fun in here had to end.

Sat Mar 15 19:44:46 *
$hadow said:
sometimes I come in and just read the roll of regulars and for a moment...life is good...just like it was then

Fri Mar 14 09:54:33 *
ellenln said:
platy ... showing off your ... warm weather?

sara .. might have a trip up your way ... you make it sound ... delightful ...

Wed Feb 12 16:39:03 *
$hadow said:
glancing in from the cold and snow
always such a warm feeling coming back here

Sun Feb 09 15:04:08 *
UsedToBeCheri said:
Ever wonder why it hurts more when you get older to fall on your butt then it did when you were younger? *sigh*
Damn ice!

Thu Feb 06 13:31:57 *
Silly Sara said:
Taking a breather from the world around and peeking quietly in.

Some very familiar and delightful faces, hooray! Take care all, things are well here in the land of rain, rust and mildew.

Tue Feb 04 13:20:38 *
Munny said:
Many fun times and happy memories associated with this place

Tue Jan 21 15:46:56 *
platypus said:
* waddles in, shakes the sand out of his fur and looks at familiar names *

just got back from time at the beach in 44 degrees (that is centigrade!)

need an ice cold drink

hope everyone is well and if not, at least heading in the right direction

* leaves a wet, dribbly smooch for all *

Fri Jan 17 07:39:52 *
TrueLea said:
Me too Shadow!

Wed Jan 01 15:01:04 *
$hadow said:
I do miss this

Mon Nov 18 16:15:40 *
MsCheri said:
Thanks ellenln. *hug* From what we've been told the heroin around here has reached epidemic proportions. Scary stuff.
What ever happened to just a big fat doobie huh?? Although they are about to make that legal so I will be able to relive my hippie days. *eyes sparkling*

Fri Nov 15 07:50:00 *
ellenln said:
cheri ... good to hear ... been thinking of you .. a friends son had the same problem... but a good outcome .. kid even seems to have some sense now ... *laugh*

got to catch up one of these days ...

hey shad .... long time ..

Wed Nov 06 15:13:35 *
Munny said:

Mon Nov 04 15:39:13 *
visitor said:
Bual...nice to "see" you!

Mon Nov 04 15:38:52 *
visitor said:
Shadow...nice to know there is a chat room like this that still exists huh? *s*

Mon Nov 04 07:46:06 *
$hadow said:
Enters and takes a deep breath, letting the memories run through my mind

Fri Nov 01 15:31:38 *
bual said:

this place still exists!!!

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